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10 interesting facts about the iPod

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These are the facts of an interesting, unique, and entertaining around the MP3 player the most popular in the world, Apple iPod.

1. Sales record: 40,000 Songs in 10 Minutes
on 12 July 2004, the iTunes Music Store sells songs to one hundred million. Buyer song to this one hundred million won a 40 GB iPod, 17-inch Powerbook, and vouchers worth 10,000 songs. Within 10 minutes before reaching the number, the song sold 40,000.

2. IPod inventor
Ide MP3 Playe not appear from the boss of Apple, Steve Jobs. IPod is Mr. Anthony M. Fadell. Mid 90's, IT developers have this idea during ski connected for portable music player with an online service. After being rejected by various manufacturers, and the idea received early in the Apple 2001. Until November 2008, he was still the chief of iPod-Division. Then, he quit the company.

3. Cause Headset
In March 2004, the party warned on Mildlands police iPod owners who use the headset original white to use a headset that does not normally visible are using the iPod. The reason, many previous robbery occurred iPod.

4. Expensive Menu
August 2004, Apple sued to pay 100 million Dollars to the competitors on their Creative. The reason, according to the view of the International Commission Trading U.S., the iPod violate patents owned by Creative

5. Most expensive iPod in the world
iPod's most expensive so far sold for U.S. $ 548 in mid-December 2002 in the United States. Second-generation player is a special edition produced with the limited capacity of 20 GB and decorated with the signature pop stars, like Madonna, No Doubt, and Beck.

6. Naming iPod
The name "iPod" was introduced by Vinnie Chieco making campaign ads for the new player in 2001. The device is a white remind her the word "Pod" (which is a white capsule docking flat space) of the outstanding films of 2001, A Space Odyssey.

7. Frequently Delinquent
According to a poll MacinTouch web portal, 2005, one of 7 declared broken iPod. The most frequent complaint is baterei duration is too short, hard disk damage, and surface scratches.

8. Sound Volume Restricted with Laws.
Laws in France to limit the volume is played by the player to 100 decibel. Thus, in Europe, marketed with the iPod volume settings have been adjusted. Meanwhile, the iPod sold in the United States more loud volume settings.

9. Bestsellers
From a small polling Proposed: iPod is the iPod Nano in demand, followed by series and Shuffel Touch. The most preferred colors in the series and the black Nano is not the most preferred color is gold. iPod's color is gold and not sold.

10. Color Error
The first iPod with a color that "variety" is the iPod Mini. When in-charge, changes to pink, while the previous color Magenta. iPod is the wrong color and then sold on eBay `.


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