Sunday, July 18, 2010

My New Buddy

Posted by vini np at 6:11 PM
Alhamdulillah...Now, I got my new buddy yesterday,,for my forgotten-bored friend at that bored-place(XD)..heheeh
finally, my mom give me that on last Saturday, 17th July 2010. :D
At first, I was confused to choose which one better for me, Toshiba or Lenovo. I prefer choose Toshiba for me, but my mom and sister suggest me the lenovo one, coz its specification is the best one for me. But, I'm still don't want it, coz my sister already have that brand, so I want the new one.
So, then I browse and find the specification on google to that brands. I think,Toshiba is better than lenovo. But, I got wrong, in forum they're all choose lenovo is better, coz of its specification is higher.

And finally, I choose it, and we're all, my family go to the promo shop. (16th july till 18th july).

Arriving at there, soon my mom invited us to Zxxx stand, because lenovo is cheaper than other stands. So, my father and mom are bargaining to the owners. But, seems, my father isn't trust to the seller, so he find intiXXXX stand, which the place that my sister bought her lappie ago. So, my father and mom go to that stand.

My sister and I think that they want to take money(hahaha!). So, WE WAIT THEM for 5 minutes. Then, because of my inpatient-mood, I suggest my sister to left that stand and looking for other stand. But my sister ban me, and stay to wait our parents.
Not long,she say that, I look my mom in intiXXXX stand,and soon we join them.

Evidently, My father suggest us to buy in this stand! but, looks my mom disagree him,because the price is higher than ZXXX stand. So, I looking for it, and search the different of the spec. And I found it! this stand is really better from ZXXX (from its stuff,trust and the seller). So we buy from this stand.

In next post, I'll show its spec. heheeee
see ya!


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