Saturday, April 30, 2011

Error 651 in Windows 7

Posted by vini np at 2:58 PM
yesterday night, when I wanna connected to internet, as usually,,there was an error on it. There was a message that written,

"Error 651: The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error"

I'll try to disconnect and connect it again more than 5 times, and it made me so frustrated ! first I thought maybe there was some error in ISP (I'm using telkom speedy), so I wait it until today, hope it got normally like before.

today, I try connect to internet again, but, last night, there's a same problem ! Error 651 again ! I ask my friend that using some ISP too like me, but she said there's no error ! she is browsing facebook when I call her. I think it's not the ISP error, but maybe my driver. So, I try to connect using my sister's notebook, and TARAA! it works just fine! My sister's using windows xp and mine, using windows 7 ultimate. So, I search on google to fix my problem.

Some said, to rename the raspppoe.sys like this message

"I would suggest you to replace the driver raspppoe.sys in Windows/System32/Drivers directory with a new one.
Here’s how you do it.
1. Rename the raspppoe.sys to raspppoe.old or any other name as per your choice.
2. Download the file from and save it in Windows/System32/Drivers directory.
Hopefully this should work."

so, I try to do like his suggestion, but it didn't work, my notebook could not rename it system. So, I try another way that simple but not using any command system or rename. I try to uninstall the modem and delete the connection, then I re-install both of them. After that I restart my note book and try to connect with full of hopes and prays. hahaha..

And it works! :D I get my connection back, so I can write this post! ^__^


aalia lyon said...

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