Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tips on Canaan Online

Posted by vini np at 12:41 PM

(my char :D)

To link an item or pet to the chatbox just press Ctrl + Right Click to your item/pet icon. Then the link will be automatically appeared on your chat box

1. When your char reach level 20, keep remember to collect exp item gift. You can access this gift by clicking the presents icon at right top of your window

2. To speed up your char exp and gold, then you can take daily quest twice per day, some daily quest can be taken more than twice per day.

3. While you connect to the internet, but won't play the games so you can
- Get online training to speed up your char's and pet's exp
- Set up a stall

4. Remember that you go to Experience Distributor everyday , so you can get double exp for one until four hours

5. Use NPC's teleport to Collection Area, it is free of charge



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