Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chibi Maker

Posted by vini np at 10:08 PM
I just recently explore some arts and drawings in deviantArt to find chibis..hehee and I found this application. Firstly, I think it just a photo or a drawing until I opened it, and fuwalaa~ it's an application :D. It's a chibi maker :D. So, I used it for my avatar on youtube..hehee..:D. Okey, here my chibi 
*I think it's too formal, isn't it? :p

Hellooo~ :D

so, you can make this cute avatar too :D
you can make some chibis in here (~----just click to open it :D )

and this's the screenshot if you opened that link :)
you can change the background, hair, eyes, etc, and of course you can save it! :D


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