Friday, December 14, 2012

Blood Type (again)

Posted by vini np at 10:24 PM
Okey, this night I wanna share about blood type again :)
I just recently follow @TipeDarah , and I found a lot of interesting facts about them
so AB's facts just make me "laughing" more..wahahaha :D

A people make themselves appropriately. 
That is why, they'll try not to hurt anyone with their words or speak unnecessarily.

B people usually ignore another activity if they have focused on a certain activity.
 Lack of multitasking.

AB people have profound interests with other people's feelings & 
tend to face other people with care and beware.

O people have their own opinions about anything in confidence, 
but they are also flexible & easily accept new things.

dan ini dia fakta yang sangat "menampar" saya..wkwkkkk
*yeah #WeAreLimitedEdition :p

"Pemikiran AB kadang menyimpang dari realita. Mereka cenderung berorientasi pada kondisi ideal."


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